Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Games and Random stuff....Artistic Anorexia

Yesterday I went to my first class...I think this is offered as an Adult education class through College of DuPage but also listed on Mayslake Peabody Estate roster.  The Story of Potawatomi is the classes I'm attending, Lets call it filling the well. Good to be a student too. And I love learning about the Native American's.  These are the people that were settled around the great lakes and Canadian area. My husband it to have a bit of Ojibwa in his Grandmother's father...I think but those are stories passed down, nothing documented. Well I'm not going to recite all that I learned...had four pages of notes...just because I'm one that needs to write to things out as another source of bring in the just lessening or just seeing it...not this to get the hands involved.

This is a dice game that they would play...We got to make our own and then played with our partner at the table...Too much funny...feel like a little kid

Now on the other side of things...the more we stay away from creating the hard it is to get back into it.  Something happens to us human beings...well not all of us but it's like a Anorexia of sorts.   Here is something from Julia Cameron's site and from Nicholas Wilton sent out an E-newsletter to the same affect.

I know a few people like this that talk about it creating doing there are then the start to blame why there are not doing it on another and for years this goes on....Sad when all it might take is to let go of the Perfect concepet and give it....the act of creating 5 to 10 practicing at something new. Hard at first I totally understand.   You have to be willing to begin again and be the student....or you loose the chances to feel the awesomeness of being of service with your abilities that can bring you happiness and an over all feeling of joy...Well like I said randomness but it's again a process that many have gone through and will to stay true to your art and creativity and value it's wholehearted being.  Some thing I feel I've dedicated to as a life journey thing and grateful for it.

And here's a thing I stumbled upon.....A.R.T.S. Anonymous....

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