Sunday, January 10, 2016

Finding Water Week 9-Artist Way

Uncovering a Sense of Perspective
Creativity requires that we focus on the larger and the small, the grand and the particular. Remember, the Grand Canyon was Craved a drop at a time. This week’s essays and tasks concern expansion. You are asked to imagine yourself larger and more surefooted than you may feel yourself to be. You are asked to conscious contact with the Great Artist. It is by feeling yourself connected to a larger Something that God can work through you. You are seeking to forge an artist-to-artist bod with your Creator.

Short version But as I read this each week not knowing what is going to be offered it's always amazing to me how it what I need to read. 

      Seasons- When we are incubation something creatively, we too flow a cycle of seasons. Each of us is in charge of cultivating our own talent. Make our dreams into concrete reality.
      Divining Rod-Answer these question quickly...1-10, "If it weren't' so risky, I would try....." "If it weren't so conceited, I would try....." "If it weren't so expensive, I would try....."  Personal response-What has been on my vision board and keeps coming up is to take some basic horse back riding lesson. I  know they will be expensive, and take up my Monday nights. 

     Ebb and Flow- So much of a creative life is knowing when to go forward and when to retreat. When to push forward and when to hang back. Clarity triggers manifestation. A lack of clarity prevents our good from coming to us.Very often, when we feel cut off from helping resources, it is because we have prematurely closed a door that need to be reopened.  
     Divining Rod-Write five things you could be willing to try if you were open minded.

     Companionship-Conscious contact isn’t a feeling; it’s a decision on our part to be in touch. When we cooperate, we feel a sense of right action, and ease. True artists become pawns and the hand that moves them is Art itself.
    Divining Rod- All of us pass through periods when we do not feel companioned. We feel cut adirft.  What has happened? Warning, we fall prey to self-sufficiency.  We unconsciously try to go it alone without God's help and aid. Because our human resources are always limited, we sooner or later reach a wall. We are brought up short by our own feelings of lack. How did you seek God? Or did God seem to seek you? Number 1-5 list five things you could do to improve you conscious contact.   

    Do a little- As artists, our creative progress is also characterized by stubborn legs. It is for this season that we do best to go forward slowly and steadily. There will be days when we are working uphill, tugging at our artist for cooperation. Not all days will be filled with eager forward motion. Our artist is willful.
     Divining Rod-it would be great to have a mentor or trainer for the creative endeavors but not always is this possible..So what if you wrote a letter to yourself and became you inner trainer? Someone coaching you little by little. Work on the positive self talk...


Been a different kind of week,  I keep getting flashes of ideas to do a vision board class and then a journal book making class...when what I'm trying to do is write up some needed things and prepare for another class.  All good but still a different kind of week.  So I summed up the Finding Water Week 9.  I might not be connecting like I should be...but I'm doing what I can and moving forward and doing a little each day. 

It's changing day at a few the art leagues I belong to and needed to drop art work off and then I got wind of a place that might carry the Dolcezza Simply Art Spring 2016 line and they could have the clothing at their boutique-Lola Boutique, Glen Ellyn on sale this spring...and might even have a specially event...this is so cool and so out of my comfort zone...but still so cool. It all needs to unfold yet...but seeing the artwork on the clothing still has me stunned.  

Off to tend to my online class and today finish preparing for the Collage and Assemblage class. Feeling a bit off I think as I write because I've not gotten to the woods as many times I would have liked, instead introducing yoga back into the exercise schedule...though very peace and mindful...I do miss the woods.. Can't have it all or do it be kind to myself...and not expect to much. OK rambling now.. 

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  1. Laura, YOU are my trainer, coaching little by little, I learn good orderly direction for all things big and small.
    Thank you.


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