Thursday, January 14, 2016

Feeling the vision....

Not to get Cocky with myself...but I'm feeling the side effects of sticking to my vision board. It's day 14 of the new year and yoga is doing well and eating whole again is keeping the heart and mind clear. Got a walk in yesterday among the woods people and that felt great. Enjoying the bone broth I cooked up which will carry on into good health...

Well dogs are walked and now a bit of breakfast and onward to Park Forest IL. I have to drop off a piece of art...nice ride I hope. Needed to create another morning journal...doing the blue thing this time and black little squares.  A square is a sign of stability and blue a is a color for serenity...all good signs.

Available Journal for Sale can be found here Coptic Stitch Journals 

I have more that will be upload to the site to get my people(Me) in gear on this and up to snuff on things.


  1. Pretty journal! Love to see what goes inside! :-)

    1. The hand written words will be all that goes into this journal as its for my morning pages, but they can be used for art journaling just might glue a few pages together for a sturdier substrate Jenny.


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