Saturday, January 02, 2016

Completed Vision Board, with Good Orderly Direction for the Year.

So had a little family celebrations and then came back to the vision board in the afternoon.  I figure it took me about 5 hours to complete it.  Even a chat with my step mom and dad got wiggled in. Which was really nice.  

I'm all excited to have this completed.  Like a dream only you can really understand what it means to you.  Like the large grapefruit what was that all about?  I'm sure it will reveal itself soon enough.  I do like them like eating an orange, my dad use to eat them that way too.

I spent a good $50-$60 dollars on Magazine the other day.  Not cheap to do a vision board. Though I have magazine I use in my collage artwork...I needed imagery instead of solid colored pages to alter. and I needed to find stuff I was interested in.  A bit costly but very cool was Happinez  Magazine.

From my understand a vision board or intention board they can be done for almost anything and for any reason...there just so darn cool to do afterwards I found a real good understanding of myself that's been there but lying underneath some stuff. So by seeing it in front of me there's a new energy of excitement to get on with living and being involved and feeling good.

1. What I did to start off was do a bit of research which again was freeing as you can do them all sorts of ways...which my personality is wanting to do it right.

2. Next I did some writing about myself and also did a personal test...not a requirement but was very revealing...I have to say it made me feel broken for a day still I did some more research and found some positive affirmation as of how to help myself grow... I have to admit that I had the intuition that I needed to go in this direction but this was proof.

3.  I did a quick lists of loves in my life...that may be extremes for some but it's also is kind of a gratitude list...cause when I thinking about all the things I'm grateful for it there about the same as my loves list.

4, then I went out and purchased about 6 magazines...I've read that you should have a good large group of magazines to go through like gosh couldn't afford it...cause like I shared before it cost me about $50.00.  But if you have people around you that you can collect them that start a few weeks in advance for this. One thing I did different was print a picture of myself...been taking some selfies to work on acceptance of self.  So I found a picture of myself while I was in the woods one day.  Oh also magazines have great quotes and sayings make sure you gather those to glue down too.

5. Get you supplies ready, big poster board or what I used was a big sheet of 140 lb. watercolor paper some kind of glue..I used Yes glue because of the surface size and have some scissors too.

6. I woke up in the morning and did morning journal writing and then I did a session of yoga and ate breakfast.  Got some of my favorite music playing...which is Native American flute stuff by David and Steve Gordon.

7. I glued the image of myself down in the center so that all the other images would become gentle branch out.

8. Made some Green tea and a break to look over the images...then continued with a good 5 hours in and now completed and I would like to see if I can get it laminated.

9. I see that this will be Good Orderly Directions for the year....instead of goals, which those have been established already.

I really don't have any major things I want to do or be...but to keep up what I'm doing I've got to go and pick up artwork from an exhibit and clean out the file cabinet to start a new year of record keeping.

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  1. This is a super post. Not only do you share your materials, steps, thoughts and feelings, you took a few pics too. Thanks, my friend. I'm ready to start in the morning! Cheers with a hot cup of tea! Here's to the new year!


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