Sunday, January 10, 2016

Collage and Assemblage Class...

 Sharing some image from the pamphlet I just finished today for my students tomorrow.  See the sail boat the young gal by the boat house or shed...not sure..and the cat lurking out from behind the green fiber bag.  The paper on the left side hanging down is the being of old player piano roll...had to use that. Now that I look at it it reminds me of canvas sail.
 In the bag I saw the turquoises that color. I decided to bring it out more in the collage here and there. I also pulled the fibers now and out and put them back on top of the collage and hit it the the tack iron. They stayed in place because of the polymer layer underneath but I still needed to add a bit of wet polymer on top to hold them in place.
 My light wasn't the best at this point and the gal looks fade out but she's  now, next I added the glazing and did some stitching...a bit raw...(real, awesome and whole)  I love the extra stitches brought the black from the number in the middle to then the outside edge of the work on the left side.

At this point I looked at the papers I had left and some I didn't even touch.  see a before and after...  fit the paper tape measure in and add some beads and a piece of sea glass. I also embellished with Neo Color II Crayons..    My shadow box has some extra drill holes but that's all good going to use that as part of teaching material tomorrow..what not to do kind of teaching and I'll end up making a new shadow box for it as we get to it in class.  This project of putting this packet together has been looming over my shoulders for some time...I can say today " Done!"  now to clean up the studio and pack up for class.  Grand story of my life and loving it.


  1. This is so neat, Laura. I really love the look of it.

    1. Oh thanks...they are Life's little Drama boxes


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