Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Why does it happen?

Well I do know why it happens...its because I've got my hands into many things. there's a wild sick sense of drama I like about going in many directions...but  I did it again...lost something I documented and wrote about on my computer.  I was getting ready for a class that will start next month. And I had taken pictures of the steps and notes so I could put a lesson plan together and...well I must have hit delete and it's gone. I spent many hours looking for it  yesterday..from the studio computer to my lap top...silly girl..

So for what ever reason I'm to start from scratch on this and make an new one...darn it. there must be a reason that I can't see yet...  I just didn't want to do it now....but sneaking in small segments of time doing it is kind of exciting. (there's that drama personal drama that is)  Looking at it like a challenge instead of a disappointment is a wonderful way and attitude.  I do love to challenge of my abilities. (most of the time)    Kind of one like you have just three ingredients and make something for dinner, "You may open you Baskets now!" you know the cooking shows....So there's a plan for the rest of the week between holiday stuff.  Besides writing up my lesson plans for the fourth on line class. Again there's a reason that's not revealed itself yet and I'll trust it will all work out. 

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