Thursday, December 31, 2015

Setting the mind and heart in line...

I love my home
I love cooking and chopping and listening to music while I do that...and today it's Stevie Nicks..which 

I love Stevie Nicks, little nose voice, her looks and what she sings about. 
I love it when I hear Randy in the Garage working on something. 

I love my animals following me all around the house..though times I fall over them. 
I love having a studio up stairs in my house

I love my yard and all the yard work
I love my tipi
I love the cattails across the street

I do love my life. 

I love it when ideas flood out so fast I can't keep up with them...and I get frustrated and feel like I'm failing. 
I love to share these idea with others 
I love watching and witnessing others discover what the can do with a little positive coaching and some good old fashion play. 

I love the change of seasons
as one comes in and one leaves. 

I love having a house full of people and hosting though it work its worth it as long as they are like minded souls. 

I love very windy days I feel like my soul is being ask to come out and play. 
I love the woods, 
I love hiking in the woods
I love when I encounter winged and four legged friends

I love that my dad taught me things about taking care of the property. 
I love my dad for being the man he is. 

I love my husband for the man that he is...though I'm always trying to improve him...he's a knight in my life. 

I do love to eat
I kind love myself...need work at that always feels like a ego thing. 

I love learning about Native American spiritual Ways and beliefs. 
I'm loving the mind, body and soul feeling of drumming. 

I do love to connect to the "Oh bigger Being Spirit out there" 

this will continue... 

I wish I could keep this loving thought pattern and feeling. I think again this will be part of the journey this year. No Goals...galleries and got to's...that works best when I follow a natural flow....things have a way of working out. 

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