Saturday, November 21, 2015

Toying around getting a proposal together?

Sketch done a while back for a class called Abstract Landscapes with photo reference. Believe it or not this piece was inspired by a early spring morning growth has really begun to sprout yet.

 In the Depths of Life was a quick early morning studio fix...Husband went out to breakfast early to met the boys at Denny's and when he came home I wasn't at the kitchen table plunking away at the he came up to the studio to see what his was Wife was doing up there so early... this is on watercolor paper 14 x 14 in sizes...I'm waiting for some panels to come in to see how they look.
 This is a sketch I showed a while back but wanted to show again...because If one was preparing to put a proposal together for a exhibit submission I need to look at my work a bit longer and with more intention.
This is Healing Circle, 36 x 36 collage on canvas...from my sketch above.  I feel a very and real and raw moment with this kind of gets me where it counts...hard to describe but with only those words for now. 

 This is a tack down Tuesday piece, 8 x 8 I call it healing waters, it's a collage done on watercolor paper but mounted on a wood panel.

 Red circle #1, another Tack Down Tuesday, 8 x 8 on watercolor paper mounted on wood panel.

And this piece is a few years old as I made it for my Red Dot Outdoor Studio Exhibit, I just love the torn circles but in tan this time.  Red seems to be the them and circles with sketchbook starts.  Now to see if I can bring a few more together and write up a proposal with a theme that threads through...  


  1. They are all wonderful pieces, in my estimation. Your collage methods remind me of making collagraphs. Your pieces have so much texture--which you emphasize with your mark making and calligraphic lines in such an effective way.

    I also use circles a lot. To me, they speak of wholeness. When I see that red bursting out of each piece, it just throbs with life--the deep, crimson pulsating of blood through our veins. Crimson Connections: sharing the blood bond.

    1. Thanks Carol, on of those series that will take a life of it's own..


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