Friday, November 13, 2015

A few more photo's from Azizona

 My daughters would pop in at the end of the day and Maddie was able to take a few photo's of things.
 A moment of wandering round the work space....couldn't tell ya what I was doing?

 Demo day in the workshop...the second day after lunch was a demo.

 A few all around trying to see...but I think they were able to as I shared things for them to see.

 Jo's works, She'll be having a book come out soon with North Light Book publishers.
 Sharyn's work, Using the stained tissue paper and finely cutting the slivers and letting them fall to the surface and tacking them down.
 The other room had a nice big table we were about to lay out the works that were complete so we could take a good look at them. Our work spaces were a bit crowded.
 Demo day on Friday for the CASA group, a bit of glare from the golden polymer..

 There had to be about 60 members at the meeting and demo..
 Chatting with Jan, Ann and not sure whom the other lady was...just met her. What a great group.

 Bernie wearing her new poncho she bought on Forth Ave, Tucson...she was so happy can you tell.

We were able to get a nice photo of us all at the end of the demo...Maddie, myself and Bernie..Thanks girls for coming you made it a great time. 

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