Monday, October 19, 2015

Thankful for the mess...

Been favorite part of the busy is working out in the yard when it's cool, windy and fall. Cut the leaves, Cut back some of the dried plants and put that in the burn pit.  Didn't start a fire yet. Waiting a bit we've been so dry that's it's scary around here. And after all the wild fires west of us best not rush anything.  And there will be more leaves coming down because all our trees haven't even drop barely anything but the big cotton wood.

My Parents came in and that was a nice visit and my dad said the sand hill cranes are flocking up so we should see them this week or next coming the weather warms a bit...How exciting can't wait.

Been writing up proposals and such to send out to a few places...This is tough, takes me for every but I've got some things understood. Now though don't want to over book myself and give some breathing room and Randy said he would go with me...this is great. Venturing out...well at least taking the steps to head in that direction.

Got myself upstairs in the studio and worked on the one piece I've been showing here the last week or so...It's really a raw piece.  I see it as a piece that I learning with...or as I like to say all the time a problem to be solved.  Setting up a project or idea and see if you can do it and then letting go of what you thought would happen and then exploring, like bringing back in the sewing machine stitch again and then finding out that it was heading in the directions you had in mind from the start...more about process stuff.  I'm so thankful I worked on it little bits even if I  hated it and those creative gesture were all part of the process...I know I'm rambling but through teaching a workshop, a class, getting sick and writing up proposals and being asked by other places to teach a workshop and a mess of a studio to staying with it and making it through.   Thankful for all it....on to class today and then I get to go to UPS and ship my supplies to Arizona...inching my way there less then two weeks now...

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