Saturday, October 31, 2015

Flash from the past, Faces of an Artist- Happy Halloween

Courage to be Me

 Fear she has none
 Green with Envy
 A line of Passion
 Balancing Act
Grateful Beginnings

 I dare you to Understand

 Lenox Experience
 Keeping her Direction
 Pulling through doubt with a little faith

 Silent Frantic Inspiration

Trusted Instincts

Colors of my Soul 

All my masks were created some time ago when I made hand made paper every spring and summer. I look at these masks now as I post them and I'm brought back to the moment each one was created and how I was thinking...what's amazing to me is the same feelings are there as of fear, doubt, understanding along with gratitude and faith...they don't go they become the  Colors of a Creative Soul. 

Most of them are hanging in my studio as reminders of the continued journey I'm on as an artist. A series done on 12 x 12 canvas and with hand made paper that were re-wet and draped over a foam mask, then let dry, coated on both side with bees wax to keep the sturdy then applied to the canvases. The assignment that I gave myself all had to be 12 x 12 a mask with  hair on the one side and something hanging down on the other with my feelings being expressed as best I could about the emotional state of being an artist. 

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  1. Oooooh...I ike your art on this page...beautifull masks..<3


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