Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Collage meditation

Got a walk in yesterday and today out in the woods...the spirit winds are blowing the season changes all around us.  These are the days when I want to get lost in the woods...and try hard in my minds eye to do that. 
I'm waiting to hear back from the Dolcezza company about this weekend, as this is the Stylemax at Merchandise Mart...but I can't just invite a group of people it seems everyone's got to have a badge or patch...something so my invites has been dropped and I'm not even sure what time I"m to be there. All will get worked out in the end.   

My supplies extra I need for Arizona are shipped and I will be shipping art too I think...waiting to hear back from my host if that will work then I'm doing it. The rest will be my paints and stuff I'll use with me so that's got to go through baggage check.  Oh I've heard some stories but those experience will have to help me learn.  

Well on with the day...what a glorious day it is. 

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