Friday, September 04, 2015

combo of this and that....

I've not had a head cold in quite some time....I really hate to be sick...after about four days I'm finally feeling a bit better. Took the road trip to Michigan to pick up my work at the Gallery there.  The travel has some heavy spots...and well a bit tense but cruse through it.  I had planned on a heading up a bit further to St. Joseph's but the body was barely hanging in there and I though that would extend my drive  home to over two not. So heading home.  When I got home I also had wanted to treat myself gently and what I ended up doing is laying down in bed for about a half hour...I know sounds strange...but laying down in bed for half an hour in the afternoon is a big deal.  My mind races around with what I should be this was a gentle treat for me.  When I got up my energy was restored.

I've completed the artist way Book two now Walking in the World.  I hadn't done all the tasks or the artist dates all the walking. But the morning pages are a such a natural thing.  What I did find out is as I was reading each chapter it seem to be pertaining to what was happening at the time in life around me. So I felt very in-sink with it.   For some reason I think I need some kind of guidance or bumper pads on the sidelines...But I think I'm going to give it all a Book Club has started up and trying to read to many books at one time is just to much these days. So on to one...well maybe two...Living Wabi Sabi together with the book club and independent ready is Neither Wolf nor Dog...I do enjoy Kent Nerburn's writing and grace of spirit.

Got an artist statement writing later in the day which is major for happy that is out of the way. now to get the labels read for them-Addison Center for the Arts...Less then a month away I'll be hanging my exhibit with them...Local place and happy for that.  Easy for my people to get to...Listen to me my people...yikes, but you know what I mean.

Well it's also time to put out the Journal for a class that will be starting so...Creative Art Jouranling at Mayslake...

This class uses a hard cover book from a resale shop or garage sale...then we gesso the pages and build up from there...add, subtract, cut out and glue on....write, stamp and just have a good old time creating. 


  1. Thank you Jo....when there like this I want to playful write all over them. I know there's lots of art journals but I have a tendency use as a regular journal, but with some fun stuff added.


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