Wednesday, September 09, 2015

A mind full....questions

A while back a dear friend shared her ideas about an installation she would be hanging and being we share many things, food, cooking, family, life, art and anything else in between. She was able to hang this exhibit and well I was so proud of her.

That was last year now a new year has started in the high school she teaches at and the idea for another installation is upon her. Inspiration feeds more creative inspiration.  She saves the plastic wrappers from the foods she eats.  I wished I had a picture of last years to show...but I can't seem to find it in my files here on the computer.

So the conversation of the planet Earth and where we are headed as a human races is a bit scary...and what can we do about that...?  Often I've been thinking about the materials I use in my art.  I use to use hand made papers and bee's wax some 20 years ago.  Then I moved out of it because exhibit the work out side was fine till fall when the Yellow Jackets would come into my tent....bite a few people and had to change the work I was doing because I was in the new direction of art fairs...Funny what happens and how you can change the art work you make. I decided to do collage with acrylic mediums.  I'd done my reserach about collage and what was good for the papers yada...yada...yada.

I've known for a long time that acrylic mediums are made from plastic's and plastics are made from Oil....and when I talk about my work and share about it longevity I let them know that fact...plastics are going to be around for along time.  Sharing history like Oil paints are around for a long time. Though they do show their age...Any ways.

I had picked up this book awhile back...

and I saw this book...don't have it yet but thinking about it. 

All this natural stuff has me thinking about what I'm doing with my art...and the products I use.  Thinking I'm pretty good about the product I use and recycling found papers and such...when in fact I'm far from I'm don't want to beat myself up.  This might have been sitting for a long time and surfaces now and then but I'm thinking about what I do and how I create.  

Then I saw this... this morning on Facebook...(love Jeff Bridges by the way...a long with Sam Elliot)

scroll down and check the video....that's when it got me thinking. 

How can I change the supplies I use and still create like I do?  I'm sure that there will be change but how?   

Then I stumble upon this....How to become Eco Friendly artists

Here's the catch....when I see things made with natural products I'm thinking two ways. First, this is made from natural product and it's going to decay or decompose and you want X amount of $ for it....really and the second thing leads back to the first...why buy something if it's not going to last.  Where does that come from?  Why it is that we want things to last forever.  

The next thing... I type... the need to keep the hands busy...explains why I went through a key board already on my laptop right.  I need to be working with my hands and making something...I get more peace of mind when I do that.   Not sure where this bit of rambling is coming from but like I said it's  mindful... and then here is something else I found for supplies....Natural Earth Paints

am I on a tangent?....things like this come to me as I mind is cleared and present for new inspiration.  And then tomorrow I could be on a totally different page of the big chapter book....


  1. &$;!%#£ Amazing, mind blowing post, my friend. I too have had similar thoughts. All those plastic food wrappers had an image of my face on them. I was facing myself, literally. Facing my consumption and facing the remains of that consumption...Like you said, plastic lasts a long time. We don't. Art and art making always addresses our humanity. Our human ness always changes too, so does our art and art making. It's a circle. You have a statement on your website about the circular nature of art making, if I remember. You have provided me with much to think about. Thank you!

    1. I'm excited to learn more....

  2. You've certainly made me think. However, I find that the plastic bags in which I store some art materials do disintegrate over time, and a short time at that. I hang them on hooks, and occasionally find all my stuff on the floor when the bag falls to bits. I do try however to avoid more solid plastics, using glass wherever possible, and paper bags often. It is a real problem when people dispose of these things irresponsibly, and would be a boon to the world oil-wise if we could give up the manufacture of plastics.


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