Monday, August 10, 2015

Playing with a new toy

Not sure how I feel about this new toy...or gadget, the husband is always thinking ahead of the game. 

While the boards is drying with polymer on it I decided to open up one of my hard covered creative journals and spill out on the page while listening to some music today...

I'm in need a new journal for my Morning pages. So while I was cutting one out there was extra so they will be prepared for the next one...OK off to do some daily stuff and let them completely dry.. 


  1. Forgive my Ignorance, but what is the new toy/gadget?

    1. Oh Carol, The camera on the top of my monitor...Randy purchased for me and I can move it all around the studio space and when hooked up right I can see it my monitor as I'm doing it..instead of using my Canon Camera and then taking the card our and transferring it all over...more to learn...He's always thinking.

  2. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Please describe your drying rack. Did you construct it from parts or buy it complete?


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