Friday, August 21, 2015

Morning Scan of the Studio

 Prepared materials for the Workshop this Monday....happy to say just got to pack it up...and print up the handout.
 Getting ready for the next video/lesson plan session... possible this weekend.

 I keep pushing this rolling clothes rack around with my large papers on it and the back piece under the white trash bag keeps falling off...Time it's about time to get that on a canvas..

 Canvas coated and ready to go for another collage I'm in the process of... what I did in my sketchbook and plan to bring it to the surface...

And I just order three wood panels 24 x 36 so I can make three of the Painted Mare War Ponies I see a class about them too where the symbolize become the personality of the artist...or something like that.  These are day's when I want to say..."Good Orderly Direction, Please hold up I'm trying to catch up...really so grateful for all these opportunities to create and ideas flowing in....and so happy that I have the place and support.  Now to do some yoga...and work on a good balance lots to do and one thing at time works best. 

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