Thursday, July 16, 2015

Janesville Last Year....Look out this year!!!

The space was incredible to work in...#1 important issue for workshops like this is space and it's heaven. We need this especially when working with all the different mediums and preparing papers....Looking forward to sharing some new things all in the act of creative play that becomes art.  

Janesville or Bust..!!! 


  1. You sound pumped! "An instructor's attitude toward art making is crucial to how her or his students learn to understand the art making process. When art teachers include such art making practices as purposeful play, manipulation of media, risk-taking and experimentation, they communicate that art making is about searching for and discovering meaning. Such strategies encourage deeper levels of thinking and allow students to hold meaning loosely, leave it open, discover it, reinvent it, and develop it. However, these practices do not occur spontaneously; they must be planned for as overtly as the more obvious aspects of art making instruction. As art teachers, we must instruct, encourage, and give students permission to play, experiment, take risks, change their mind, and raise questions." -From "Teaching Meaning in Artmaking" by Sydney Walker

  2. You wrote that the workshop space is incredible to work in, "like heaven." I found this wonderful quote about opens up the meaning of the word and it also reminds me of you.
    "What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit." -John Updike

  3. Thinking about the space between husband and wife. YES, YOUR RELATIONSHIP CAN CHANGE WHO YOU ARE. -From Psychology Today
    We are profoundly affected by those we love, responding to their influence (even unconsciously) and becoming different people over time. This echoes the importance of choosing a partner carefully, one that has traits and characteristics that we aspire to.

    1. Love going deeper with thought and meaning...the level of connections is so cool


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