Monday, July 27, 2015

does it matter?

I'm really thinking about going through every room lately and purging again...My gosh I think I have squirrel and chipmunk blood in me...well I do have bohemian we have a tendency to use found and old things. Get as much use out things as we can.

I listened to a gentle woman in her late 80's, an elder in my book and she was talking about a financial situation and how at the moment it was terrible but then she took a second look at things and thought...there isn't any more wants so what was she all in a thither about.  Well I always want a dog and I have two of them. So this and the task work below has me thinking...about area's I would do some cleaning and neating up...first I have to purge a bit then the neaten up comes.

All from Week 7's Walking in the World book II- Julia Cameron.
Task Work Take pen in hand and list 5 areas that you could neaten up. Choose one area and execute a little cleanliness is next to godliness energy. What we are after with this task is the experience of using stuck energy in a productive way, however small.

1. clean my window in the house inside and out.
2. clean the refrigerator...needs a good wiping down of the shelves.
3. clutter around the house...surface clutter time to pitch it.
4. same goes for the studio...some purging there.
5. my cabinet behind me where I sit at the kitchen table  that needs a clutter cleaning.

The fear of throwing something out that you might need later...or by having on a piece of paper printed out I can be reminded of it ...because my brain doesn't seem to retain information...only segment and fragments enough to get me by.

Task Work Answer these questions
1. What culture other than your own speaks to you?
  this is not hard to answer, Native American cultures 
2. What age other than the one we’re in resonate with your sensibilities?
  I'm thinking the age of winter, white hair...I'm starting.
3. What foreign cuisine feels like home to your palate?
hmmmm...I love food so this one is hard to pin down to one cuisine. 
4. What exotic smells give you a sense of expansion and well-being?
wood burning, cinnamon, cucumber, vanilla
5. What spiritual tradition intrigues you beyond you own?
Drumming and singing and smudging
6. What music from another culture plucks your heart strings?
the flute...the piano and guitar... but the music I listen to depends on what mood I'm in...I listen to variety. 
7. In another age, what physical age do you see yourself being?
The age that I am...
8. In another culture and time, what is your sex?
9. Do you enjoy period movies/ or movies, period?
Yes on both...
10. If you were to write a film, what age and time, what place and predicament would you choose to explore?  A woman my age...mid 50's in a time like now, in a place of empty nesting and post-menopausal and what's next with life? 

Task Work Take pen in hand and list 10 things you have learned to do despite you doubt they could be mastered. to Chicago, after saying yes to an exhibit opportunity, when all the while I doubted. 
2. teaching collage class when all I knew was teaching with children in my children's grade school. 
3. be married for 34 years when my parents divorced, still no sure if I mastered it yet...
4. learning computer skills
5. making paper from plants and using them in my art and books
6. Creating classes and teaching them for some 17 years. 
7. Exhibiting my work in art fairs
8. driving alone long distances to many of the place I teach.
9. painting my tipi 
10. skills to experience all the different aspect of this little job that grow and help support my a small portion of our family....many doubts and still doubt...but I think it comes despite out doubt...and that's area's of growth..

Many years ago I started blogging and every day there for a while I rambled and babble about things going about me...and what I do...I ask...does it matter...what did I do before? Yes before the internet and all the area's we can post our chatter.  I don't have people over at my house any visit information is there to see cause like myself I've come use to posting a habit a learned behavior...

well again a bit if this and that...not lost though just pondering. 

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