Friday, June 05, 2015

So where does my day go?

 I think this all started way back in September or so that the ideas of making three of these could happen...So I began.,

 Prepared my surfaces, which in this case was wood panels Birch tops and pine sides, I painted them a mixture of dark brownish black. First though I taped up the sides I seem to get messy.

 Papers and ideas were made and gathered. Some of the papers happen all by themselves as they are the underlayment or works surface I use for making other papers and then it gets so built up it starts to look really cool. I feel you can't start off and make paper like this it has to settle and stew a while. I get excited when I see it happening, all my sense awaken.

My photo is a bit skewed here but this is the bottom piece of the third totem.  You can see the paper I'm talking about, bottom half here just so rich in color and layers. 

 Now today I would like to get working on this one again...I had to set it aside while preparing for the classes, workshops and my other art I need to make for an exhibit.

 I'm so excited to have this lady coming in town next week...She's my soul sister from way back...there was something in the mix of things when I finally signed up to take an exercise class at a local church and got my twins then about a year old settled with the baby sitter I think...they were that old, hard to remember anyways I then stood next to this woman and introduced ourselves.  Mom's, for children, three girls, one boy and we were artists.  What more can I say. it was meant to be.
Figured I add that one in, this past January when I was painting the tipi...I took this photo.
Sophia my studio mate...adds the extra fibers in there...(cat hair)
 This past few weeks, I've been on an obsessiveness mission to weed and get them some what under control....LOL, I know I'm fooling myself but for a few weeks it will look like that.  I've been really enjoying my yard...and my two four legged friends have too. Hank peeking up at me as I take the picture this morning.  You see the bricks there well they came from the streets and yes sewers opening of Downers Grove.  They are very old and we have them as our walk way into the home and for the back patio section.  This is my time to be solely with one else helps with the job of pulling the weeds between the bricks.  I've been doing this so long the Twins, Jake and Bernie were about two then and we had a this big blue van...I would open it up..get them set up with juice, snacks and let them play in the van...of course they would pretend to drive it and hop over the sits extra...the the things they could while we were rolling down the road.

I do a trimming each year like this because when I cut the yard then I have space to trim with the lawn mower.  Oh we have a trimmer thing but I don't know how to use it and to get anyone to help around there...well its not going to happen... so I've embraced the whole process and it keeps the mind clear and ready for any next step.  More to do and grateful for that... 

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  1. Gardening is very therapeutic, and gives you time to be calm and think. Your workspace is so NEAT...mine looks like a bomb has hit it. Looks like you have great balance in your life Laura.


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