Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Seeing how it all connects.

There is a guidance for each of us, and by lowly listening, we shall hear the right word. Certainly there is a right for you that needs no choice on your part. Place yourself in the middle of the stream of power and wisdom which flows into you life. then without effort, you are impelled to truth and to perfect contentment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every once in a while I wake up and have a day that I jumble  back and forth about what I should do....I had wanted to drive into the City...actually Evanston then to the south side...but I had to wait for an artist to come and drop off some collage paper stuff. She is moving to abstract painting now and well it was a big box full...seems I'm the gal to call. This is the second person that I've been the dropping off place for.   Grateful for this, not all papers can I use or would want to use.  Seem that's the thing about collage what one person is attracted to others aren't...I like to alter them mostly in some way...or get my imprint and personality on them, to make them mine.

So I used my time wisely and had the homestead in tip-top shape while I waited for her to come.   We headed up stairs because people want to see where I work...not a big space but it fits all that I need and then some.  So we chatted for awhile, She's an inspiration because she's an Elder, as an older woman artist and the need to keep creating doesn't die.  I love to see that.

After she left I was plagued with what do I do, at that point because I could still drive into the city and check out the galleries.  I checked my phone and seen I had an email that said I sold the piece I launched yesterday in my Tack Down Tuesday weekly newsletter, so my next step was to prepare the piece for shipping out...and there's how the guidance works...and off I went to the post office to mail it out to California.   Came home to have a nice lunch outside on the patio.   Head back out to Walmart and did a little shopping for things and by the time I got home I was cutting my lawn and feeling very grateful I took the less is more approach for the day.  Allowing things to unfold as they may.  So hard to put into practice. Being a driven soul....either driving myself crazy or other around

Now this morning I questions why...I seem to pull information for multi-sources. I have a half circle of books in the morning and which ever seems to call louder I open.  I have to say with a certain kind of Grace I receive the inspiration I need for that day.  As I shared a few days ago the Moth and the Spider both on the same morning really made themselves present.

Transformation is big with the moth...stages of growth and the spider who spins the web of creativity both female energies...I get all excited when read about this.  Guidance and Sources come from other areas to be acknowledge at least to a point to take notice and be aware...Keep the Open Mind.

Twists and turns Oh my mind takes....How does one sort through there thoughts that some times come in like a freight train. Trying to always see the cup half full and stay in the positive.   I pull from many sources for inspiration and keep on going only to look back and see how it all connects.

After reading the book Small Victories by Anne Lamott...she share some great things but one that I didn't realize was also how I pray....mostly "Oh God, Help me with this...or I think I need some help.  and always "Thank you" and always in awe on how things work out.  Most of the time even better then I could have ever think on my own.

The urge to go to some gallery yesterday was for an artist date and also to see really art instead of stuff on line all the time but my day turned out just fine.  So I continue my journey through the mulit-sources and see what this day will bring.

Wednesday is a day of the week that I have formed a nice little habit of self-care...taking the time to care for myself a bit more...and its usually not about merchandise as some would think...there are so many other ways for self care....the first is easy does it and allow the natural flow to flow through you. 

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