Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paper Treasure's Class at Mayslake

I seem to have this wonderful plastic bin that expands and contracts as the class goes on. I also bring this to the workshops.  When I have the student try out a technique it's nice that these paper scraps are already coated and read to go...

 For our first class I walked them through step by step, some student's know the steps but it's always good to refresh everyone.  Sandy is thinking about were to put her image transfers.

 Well by the time we get to the tack iron station a few things seem to move so there's some adjustment being made by Joan.

 Tony here is working on here placement of the piece of paper.  These will be mini collage compositions and we will work a bit more with them next week.
 The way the tape is on there it's hard to tell I know but that gives a an area around the collage area that will be protect by the tape so we don't mess any thing up when we add other mediums in like glazing.
 Time ran out and it is time to clean up, Nancy will be work on here's I'm sure some more. The assignment was to use three piece of paper, different in each square then we added glazing and some image transfers.

Using my cell phone camera is never good...I'm always moving when I take the a bit blurry but after the tape is cut can see some nice little composition here of Sandy's.

this kind of class is when I pull out the stuff I've been saving...for what I don't know I guess projects and art just like this.  Some where I got a bag of stamps and found an old cigar box to put them in...Perfect for digging through. Next week we will be adding some embellishment to the small collage areas and mounting them on some thing else so we can see a different way to present them. 


  1. Ooooooer....I'd love to rattle through that lot!

    1. This part of any class or workshop seems to be so exciting for the students.


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