Monday, June 08, 2015

Painted Mare - Motives and Materials

Painted Mare, 12” x 7 ft. collage on wood panels assembled and stacked on top of each other to creating a totem.  The Horse symbol has been a helpful guide this past year as I venture into a new phase in my life.  Not knowing how Menopause affects each woman, I felt vulnerable and blinded by all the body effects I was experiencing.  Physically I did a lot of horseback riding and hanging out at horse stables, mostly just witness the body language and interaction they had with each other.  Intuitively I knew I would get through what I was personally experiencing. I needed the strength to endure, the appetite for life and soon I would be able to freely express myself without worry because I’d been trusting in the cycle of life.  The importance of living a balanced life through the entire hormonal imbalance was my primary goal. I live to say that my war pony Painted Mare saw me through, and I honor her now. 

I was able to have the Husband stand on a step ladder and take a picture if it today...I did my writing about it yesterday and will drop them all off at the gallery on Wednesday.  I have to put the wire and hanging hardware on it first...that will happen on Tuesday...Much to do and grateful to be doing...Off to get ready for class..."Paper Treasures today, first one. 


  1. All the best to YOU!!!
    Have a good class!

    1. Thanks Sue....Photo's soon..


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