Friday, June 19, 2015

Heading out tonight for the Opening....

Husband just got home so we will be heading out to take part in this exhibit opening.  I'm so excited to see what the totem's look like hanging on the wall.   They have been leaning up against my book cases and walls in the studio. I had planned to participate in the Artist Open House but my father is in ICU up in plans have changed and We will be heading up there to see how things are doing.

Been walking puttering around the house.  While I was walking and praying I was listening too and what I heard was....No matter what happens, I've been loved deeply by my father and He the same by his.  I had to keep telling myself today that "God's got this one"   and go with the flow on this...

Got a call this afternoon my step mom and she's very tired, not sleeping, traveling back and forth to the hospital and that there is progress with my dad and that tomorrow if all goes well he's should be getting out of ICU.   He has Ammonia and  COPD change of life style is on order.

Tomorrow's I'll also be 54 years old and spending on the road with the husband...we will see what added attractions pop up for us to enjoy. 

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