Saturday, June 13, 2015

Forcing or taking a step towards, then alone or with the journey of lasting Happiness

 It seems that I'm always taking the a moment to question what direction should I go in? for the day...the next month  or the next year.   Being an artist human being hopefully we will stop and take a deeper look at our life, relationships and our purpose while we are here...make the adjustment as we go along instead of having regrets and resentments.

Barbara and Martha

Prayer Flags in a Grove of Trees 

The writer in our Artist Way class is Barbara, we asked her share her talents and write something about our exhibit. 

Judy S. Artwork in the Big Oak Tree
 Tomorrow there is going to be an Opening Reception at Mayslake Peabody Estate for "When Art and Nature Meet, see the details below...

When Art and Nature Meet
June 14 – Oct. 23
Daily one hour after sunrise until one hour after sunset
Stroll through the grounds of the estate, and enjoy nature inspired installations created by professional artists and community groups. An opening event with a guided walk will take place on June 14 at 1 p.m.
Mayslake Peabody Estate
1717 West 31st Street
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523

I have to share after hanging the prayer flags with Martha and Barbara there was this simple and wonderful feeling. Not hard to explain, just a really good all over feeling.  Martha and I walked the grounds and took pictures of the Natural Art that was up already more will be installed but what was up there was so cool to see. Just loving Judy's Invasive plants in the tree.

 I said goodbye to Martha and walked back to get into the van...being able to teach there at the Peabody estate on this beautiful piece of property has been very humbling and grounding for me. Close to my core and this part I'm not sure if I can express it touches me spiritually, emotional and psychically.  Forcing things to happy and having to do more, be more is a plague that most all of  us encounter sometimes if not more often in our lives. Be it caught up in the consumerism of thinking we have to do more be more...What happens if its just a small step forward in an area of your life that you feel is good.  Keeping your personal integrity isn't easy and really trying to find out what your life is about or what the next step should be... is an ongoing situation. Hopefully one that posses some good positive out come. The kind of outcome...I guess what I'm trying to say is I've got a good life and I so love what I'm doing.  I don't want to get all crazy with forcing the more...more...but I will be caught up in that some way because I'm who I am and need to express myself creatively with asking the questions always... "how and is this with purpose?" What I mean by is this with purpose is this going do a good service....sharing, teaching and inspiring others to be creative and pursue a life seems to be something that I found to do...not sure if it's a job but I so get a good all over feeling when others take the risks...and small step forward... Dreams really do come true.  Maybe not the way we thought but the way that is best for us...


So I'm to shed the mask today?....Take any falsehoods off and be real how every real is?  When I think about being Real I can't help but think about  my own little acronym, RAW...which stands for Be Real, Awesome and Whole....Where is the connections you might say?  Taking off or shedding a mask is like revealing yourself...Your true self for all to see.  I don't me exposure but in life how many times have we put a mask on because it was a way of protection.   Mainly so we don't get hurt from a comment or judgement of another.  If we can't be real and honest with ourselves then how can we expect that from others and to have true friendships and relationships.   Oh might I be reading to much into this?  I could but these kind of signs or symbolism have always be some thing that I take seriously mainly to be aware...Open my eyes for the next thing, event or word for a spiritual guidance.

Trying to educate myself besides always self help books I have been looking at life in a whole and how forced we are being lead to believe we have to do and be more....Which is a falsehood I personal believe....There's no need for pushing so hard...Change is inevitable we see it constantly in the each day from morning to night, seasonal and with time. So pushing to be at the top...bigger better will always be a race some seem to think we have to do...but this is where the personal integrity steps in for me...We have choices and sometime those choice look like we are going against the grain and all it slowing down a bit. I know a friend that has been every so kindly sharing  her journey with me about this. I know I drive her crazy with all that I do sometimes and I see it I know that creating some that is more manageable in my life and being real awesome and whole is so much more important then the life around me where is seems so forced and false. 

I missed the last book club meeting with my group but for good reason...I spent it with a dear friend all day that was priceless...  Though it has me reading the book again...I would love to have this book in audio form...maybe some day.

This morning I'm taking extra time to be present...listen to the sounds around the house...listen to the words floating around in my head.  Listening to my oldest daughter trying to make changes and choices in her life. Listening to the husband share about his Garage adventures....Well a good ramble and mixture of feelings and words this morning...different form of self expression and all is good.  


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    1. Your welcome Sue....some time the family just doesn't have the the need to self express or get thoughts out to still comprehend comes up.

  2. Love your post, Laura...and I feel blessed to have you in my life. You have also led me to a meaningful path of happiness in art too.


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