Sunday, June 07, 2015

Close your eyes....just for 15 minutes

Doing thing....slow down and be present. Well I try that and lay down comfortable on the air mattress in the tipi and before I know it I'm sleeping.  But I rest for a short time and so does Hank, so funny the dogs just love coming and lay down next to me, the air comes in and flows around.

One of my introspective moments....Rereading the Tree Spirited Woman book..."Now it is up to you to recognize these gifts with in yourself.  "What am I do to do in this lifetime?"  questions that Tree Spirited Woman asks of herself.  I find myself always asking to...Being a do-er and always needing to be busy, something I myself is embracing now.  You see I'm not a crazy shopper never was, but I have love to be busy with a some kind of task even when I was young.

I'm going to repeat something that I heard so long ago, from a women I had wanted to take a Woman's Native American Study class and was never able to...well time passed and she took a collage class from me. So we met, I remember in conversation as we were creating...seems to happen with a group of women she said..."Laura, Life is about Letting Go"   When we look back in order to grow, really grow in away to be wise beyond our years we have to learn this.

In Tree Spirit Woman...When she begins to understand what she's to do with her life the message comes..."but first, you must let go of the pain you carry with in yourself. There can be no growth until you let go and trust."  A simple action step one has to take to grow...Let go of the edge of the table and take the first that you will be able to take another one and if you fall after that you have learn something...that you can take a step at a time.

Now I'm suppose to be writing out a description for my work that will be dropped off this week at Tall Grass Art Association....skirting around that right?

So my artist date yesterday...The Husband went to visit his boss that is ill.  He started in the construction business with him when he was 16 years old.  Hard to do but a must for my husband. I went to the Pow Wow and though it felt very strange to go by myself without bring or asking some one to share the experience with me I was glad I didn't have someone with me.  I am not able to sit and watch the dancing of all the people there, the traditional, grass, jiggle, many feathers, to name a few.  The tolerance of others to sit and watch runs out fast.  I took this video because seeing the next generation being is so precious.   They called them the tiny tots.... We were in awe...and so cute mode.  At the end of their dancing to the drums...the were awarded each with a dollar and some candy.   The honoring of Vets past and present and of those that giving of their time freely in generous jobs to prepare for the event.   

I've been going to Pow Wow's for a long time...four kids in tow and off we would go...for the day. Why?  just was drawn to the whole natural atmosphere every since I was young. 

Sitting on a hay bale....a few rows in I was able to take a few photo's.  The first entry of the staffs and flags and Victory dance we where asked not to take photo's in honor of the ones passed.  Inter tribal dancing when on where all could dance.  After that then the competition began with the different dance regalia.   I was in awe of color and the detail, at one point small eagle feather came off of someone regalia and they had to stop the song and announce so it could be respectfully removed. I've read about this and listened in story on songs about it but didn't see exactly what was done.  The one Elder came while the MC put his hat over the feather and then said some prayers and raised it up quickly in the four directions, I'm sure saying prayers as he went....then it was back on. More on Pow Wow 101.  I'm sure there is more on this but just a quick search brought me here.

So as I ramble off in to fourteen different directions welcome to my days....seems I'm all over the place, though I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my artist date and I did close my eyes a bit and just listened to the bit of the drum. 

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