Monday, June 29, 2015

A visit to see Tatanka

A little bit of information to share how things changed and how the prairies became forests.
and if you look up look what you see...

We first spotted this fella laying in the red earth there....breathing kind of heavy.  It wasn't to hot out and nice breeze so who knows but it did get up and lay the other way when we came around for the second time. 

This fella (second bull we saw) was close and under the shade of the trees.  hard to see but there is a bird picking at some kind of bug on the bison by his back side there. I had to look it up and found it a Cattle Egret. They were content with each other. One provides food while the other provide pest protections. Co existing.  

                                                                      Cattle Egret

When we came around for the Second time this fella was up and eating right at the edge of the road. You can see the quick video I took of him...And then he keep biting off more grass and coming up on the to the road it was a bit scary...didn't want to be like the Geico Commercial...

To Tom's out in the prairie,  When we came around for the second time the to of them were neck and neck with each other and pecking with their feathers on their wings and tails.  Pretty amazing that there were a few cars watching them and they kept at it.  


My Man (the Husband) knows what I like, After our visit to see my mom and sister we headed to Land between the Lakes, in Kentucky and went through the Elk and Bison Prairie Park, Three times we circled and each time more movement came from this two bison is one and up close....we were in our car and he moved is head towards us and we got out of there quick like... We ended our trip to see the Bison and were lucking to see these to fella's  Tatanka (Bull Bison in Lakota)  and headed home after that...Long day of driving but well worth it with the time we spent together and where we went. 
On the first day We walked through a Car Museum which was also enjoyable.  I did a good amount of listening and really enjoy to see the Husband's enjoyment and how he gets so excited about all the cars and the old farm tractors. 


  1. A great experience for you.

  2. Animals and cars. Laura and Randy. I can't help thinking of our dinner together at Longhorn...still fresh in my memory..the two of you...proof of love...and hard work. It just keeps getting better, right Laura?


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