Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Path...

Joseph Campbell wrote, "Follow you bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before."  It is the inner commitment to be true to ourselves and follow our dreams that triggers the support of the Universe.

Once we trigger an internal yes by affirming our truest goals and desires, the universe mirrors that yes and expands it.

There is a path for each of us. when we are on our right path, we have a surefootedness. We know the next right action- although not necessarily what is just around the bend. By trusting, we learn to trust.
All words from page 194 in Artist Way by Julia Cameron.

I've experienced some Wow moments lately because I've been saying Yes to things.  I said yes to myself and my food issue....and eating whole foods and no processed...though the goal there is not to loss weight...it's happening slowly and for the right reason.  Secondly I said yes to taking a drumming circle just last night and I have to say it was awesome!!!! I'm one that needs to know on most things and I realized this because it's been holding me back on going to a drumming circle.  I gather the courage to do it and found out it doesn't matter how you drum because it's in each and everyone one of us the beat...Our hearts hold this for us....so I was lead by the drumming circle leader as we all were and the singing out and the response back was so real and yet mystical and ancient.   I witness the way we would unify and change beats too.  And I drummed strongly and with passion.

Now this morning I've not done my yoga in the studio for some weeks and after last nights drumming it seemed like the next right things to do this morning to start it off. And to calm my excited bones...you see I have to pack up today so that I have some free time, which I like to do just in case I need to run and get something I forgot. Anyways back to Yoga...I went into my space expecting fully not to be able to do any of the movements...Girl I was wrong....as I started it things just fell back into place and I witness the where the weight had come off and how much further I could bend and stretch.

Now to eat a good breakfast and begin the days process...


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Here's to many more!

  2. Yes, love that part of the Artist's Way soooo much! And I love drumming circles! I have gone about 3 times. Where is the one that you went to?

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