Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Re Post the Creative Process

I have these wild expectations that I'm like a machine and at my will I can preform what I need to do. The mind on auto pilot...and though I've had a wonder filled last couple of weeks my creative process falls off the wagon into a mode like this statement above.

A while back I did a online thing with Sergio and Yanina Gomez and there was a webair last night, Q &A time with the artists that took the course or are in the process of taking it. I was reminded of the questions I answered at the beginning of the course.

Why do I make the art I do? 

I would have to say that from some place deep inside there's this seed that gets planted. Sometimes it sits and other times it starts to grow.  That seed though smaller in thought, darn I say is bigger them me and it demands a response, that response is showing up and allowing all to come to the surface and be expressed.

 I'm to pay attention and focus... like answering a door.  The door that has been always in front of me since I was very young. Because I struggled academically, I do believe I was given other choices and that was to be creative in some way. Where I could grow personally and develop some skills. 

Now I'm getting sidetracked...why do I make the art I do? it challenges me, it helps me find peace, it helps me connect spiritual, and it allows me live a fuller life,  then I  shared in some form or another.

There is more to this I'm sure but right now I'm grateful some groundwork was laid out to start from.  

I have to continue the process and know that I really don't  know the plan but I can trust's worked this far. 

Keep showing up and see what comes....Where's my apron, going to put it on and bring some artistic security to my soul...something always happens when I put it on. LOL... 

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