Friday, May 22, 2015

Dillman's Day 4 part 2

 Susan....carries this little collage around with her and I had to take a picture of many times a day do we need to be reminded...well some of us like myself a bit more...But as we started really collaging on our own stuff this couldn't be more important.

 Mona's Kachina figure,  their small and I would love to see a whole series of them I told her.

 Here is Mara...our Courage one this weekend, boldly jumping in with both feet and making a whole series of Red Roof pieces.  This looks like a town or a little villa she's creating.
 Pam has taken the workshops a few times and she's using this time to create the most beautiful Baptism Gift for her Son, Daughter in Law and her new Grandson. There's a difference from scrapebooking and an artistic collage.

 Kaye's piece is in process and she's done a dark blue glazing.. She share that this piece could be the other way around too. funny how abstract compositions can work like that.
 Mona shared that she finally used the Yellow cool,  we learned bit about embedding photos in so the don't look like they've just been place on the top of all the pieces. Here's laying it out to see how it will work and there in her left hand is some great paper...we all liked it.

Bette's Wonderful large pieces...She almost doesn't have any Large Abstract collage paper left...Which was made from the Kraft paper at the beginning of the workshops as inspirations. 

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