Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A flood of activity....

I just ordered myself a Ocean Drum....I heard this for the first time when I went to the drumming circle Monday night...I was taken by it.   Early Birthday Present to myself. 20"'s on it way already. 

 I was able to use my project to get the shape of this horse...I created one before and want to make it larger for my third totem piece...that should be started already but not going to should on myself...I'm in process lets say.
 Busy going through all my things and really looking at what I'm bring...Falsely thinking I'm going to bring less when in fact that's a lie.   Every time I go to Dillman's I bring a wagon load...and them notice it and mention it...Like Wow Laura you sure do bring a lot of stuff.   So when I was packing this time that comment was eating at I thought maybe I better scale down...then after evening walk in the woods to calm another emotional state I decided not to let it eat at me...and realized live is short and what's import is I live it fully and with enthusiasm and the best part is I get to share this with others.
I've got big zip lock bags of goods that I've been packing or a few years now and time to sort and condense them a little bit I end up going though bags more then I do demonstrations...not a good thing.

Sun is out, air is cool much like it will be in WI.   so looking forward to this. 

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