Friday, April 24, 2015

What's on the Artist table ?

 No the trees are not on the table but this happened just this week to our neighbor. And it was on a day that there was no wind...Odd right?

 Luckily there wasn't much damage and the husband was able to give a hand sawing it up.

 As you can see the part of the tree was in a Y and the moisture, rain and all got in there and just rotted it and then there were other roots trying to grow back down and couldn't, we think it just had a growth spurt and pushed it's way apart and fell.   I thought I heard something on Sunday in the afternoon but thought it was the guys in the garage.

 So now this is what is on the Artist Table...The big mail box.  The letter sizes got away from me and I have to admit I didn't plan well and you know that Artist saying about creating and great idea and as you go through it comes to the point of Oh I'm Shit...we I felt that but I'm going with it..and let go of the perfect I was going for and it will be what it will be. It for sure will make a statement and you won't miss it as you come down the street.

 On Monday one of the gals Alison, from artist way class had a family member pass on this wood panels. They have a printing business and they print on wood panels etc...guess what?   these are rejects and have found a home here...I'm in the process of experimenting and putting a collage on there...

 Here's a piece I created when I did a class on layering and I showed this work to the Midwest Collage Society last month and it's found a home...I just needed to put in on the wood panel. So it's done. I need to send the image to the client and see if they like it... or want the sides painted instead of the wood showing.

Circus Act 
8 x 8 collage on wood panel. 
See more about the layering process here 


  1. Lovely piece, your Circus Act. I'm very drawn to the colours and multiple layers!

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