Saturday, April 11, 2015

Time to identify my goals and objectives

What are my goals…concrete and personal?
What specifically do I want to accomplish in my art business and art practice?

1.      To continue being an artist till the day I die
2.      To get through this year of opportunities
3.      To go back to just focusing on my just my art and the personal messages that need to be said.
4.      To get an inventory system that I can keep up. ( think I have about 4 now that I started and never followed through on, good intention that fizzled out)
5.      To write a book
6.      I would like to feel more comfortable with socializing and being at art gatherings…even through I’m social on the social media-mostly type and run or business marketing,  I’m not that good at the other aspect of it.

All this while I still manage a house of 6 including myself, tend to the yard, my spiritual practices, my diet and exercise and somewhat of a social circle that mainly forms about my classes and workshops. The time I have alone is very sacred to me, either I’m walking in the woods or I’m in my studio. It’s all a balancing act that so easily get out of whack for me and confusing sometimes.  So I tread lightly around it all the many job/roles/ and things I would like to do and have to.

What is my plan to achieve these goals?
Identify anything you will need to achieve the goals-these steps will be clearer once you complete this course.

1.      Take time to evaluate the choices and opportunities that present themselves and see if it connections with the goals I have set forth.
2.      Nurture myself the artist more….let go of pleasing others so much, Natural Woman Mother Role, My children are in their twenties.
3.      Get a better schedule for the jobs I need to do to keep things rolling around. I kind of have a schedule but feel its scatter needs looking at. 
4.      Look over the art receptions that come through the month and try to make two of them.
5.      Plan out sole exhibit possible for 2016 or the year next
6.      Focus on the inventory program that I have from The Artist Next Level and get a bit more serious about it. I think I put three piece of my work on it. And think Oh I have other things to do and it sits
7.      Finish up my totem series(12" x 7ft 1done, 1 needs to be frame and on still needs to be started) …and continue working on the many more open canvas and wood panels.
8.      Start the process of gathering my class projects and exercises for a book to write in the next two years.
9.      Find a gallery in Chicago/local that my work will fit in. I have two galleries in different states but would like to work closer.
10.   The possibility to do more workshops in different states is opportunity but not sure if I want to go that directions. Seems lots of artist in Mixed Media do that and I don’t know if I want follow that. I strive to approach my workshops a bit differently. 
11. and to continue to enrich my life with all the natural things I enjoy, family, hiking, walking, gardening, yoga and exploring my love of nature and the animals around me which taking part in the process of preserving our wild life. 


  1. thanks for sharing...ALL the BEST to YOU!

  2. Your Welcome Sue...


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