Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's time to walk

When you receive messages like this what do you do...?  I walk...walk in the woods and bring this there to talk to the Great Spirit-Good Orderly Direction, God, HP and The Universe. 

While our fears will always be with us to some extent, we can take control of them by reminding ourselves of the many times we have overcome them and emerged successfully on the other side. Fear is not a wall we must break down but a door we can easily open if we have the willpower to do so. Concentrating on our triumphs is a practical way of affirming that for almost as many times as we have felt the icy grip of fear, we have also walked purposefully through it without injury. The encouragement that this pattern of thinking grants us is thoroughly bracing and helps us move forward confidently in almost any circumstance. Your courage will astound you today once you have taken the time to revisit all the instances in your past in which you have moved past your fears. 

All good and overwhelming.... There's some demands lately that are pulling hard on the creative juices, that one could freeze up and run in fear. 

So today I will seek the strength I need first to walk through this day working small steps at time knowing that "Everything will be alright in the end...if it is not alright it must not be the End"

The excitement I'm feeling is almost as scary as the many tasks I have to handle...I think it was the day off I took yesterday that allowed me a break...

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