Friday, April 03, 2015

I had Plans....then something happened...

Spirit Horse of Whirling Winds 6 x 12 on wood panel.

Yesterday I was going to post this image of the piece above but plans got sideswiped.  I was able to pick up my prints and had planned on getting them ready for tonight...(opening reception at the paramount grand gallery) It had rained Yesterday and I thought it would be a prefect day to be in the studio getting them ready and possible making a few more Spirit Horse pieces for The Flying Pig...Gallery in WI.

With the Rain...came a husband home from work, as you see he works constructions and when it rains sometimes he doesn't work. We have been toying back and forth with the idea of trading in my Ford Transit all the way back in February. We were looking for a vehicle with fold down sits so I mostly wouldn't have to take them out all the time...well after 5 hours of talking numbers, exploring with a drive and sitting patiently we have a new van.  Kind a of tough looking one at that.  The young adults all think it looks cool.  ( I do like it too)

Always scary to do that...I had some feelings just like when we bought our home, when we brought home each child and bought our first new vehicle the Ford's a weird feeling...not sure how to describe it...I was so over stimulated by information I think I went into a mind bed early and now refreshed,  I have to say the New Dodge Caravan's ride so's amazing.  I've got some road trips soon and it will be exciting. And I have Sirius Radio for  a year free.  Always new opportunities to learn and explore...

So today...much to do...preparing prints,  tending to a few emails and to be sitting in gratitude that we were able to do this...I know the husband is happy, He's able to fix a whole lot of thing but with the newer vehicles it's best to leave it with the new car dealerships Mechanics, because of the new technology it's to darn hard to get into the engine and then to fix it.

Here's information about tonight,

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  1. Go forth and be happy! Cool vehicle. Happy traveling in it!


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