Sunday, April 19, 2015

Filling the Well, Living the Dream and allowing Grace and Space...

 This the first time sitting out in the early morning with my journal and candle stacking rocks from the trip to door county.. and a sweat shirt on over my nightgown...the robins and cardinals were the first to start and great the morning.

 I did go horseback riding at Kurtz Corral this time in Door county but didn't get a picture of myself. Brings back memories when I went Horseback riding in Colorado when I was 18 and going to a 9 week school, at Blackhawk Mountain School of Art....and we road day in day out for a few awesome. This little Shetland pony I hear is a character...and had hair on it's mane all the way down to the ground.

 Here at the water trough, Appaloosa, Shetland, and the little Mustang the rest were all out in the pasture...their all starting to shed their coats and need to be brushed about two times a day...How many horse do they have?   40...lots of arm exercise.

This is a shot of the damn at my parents, place in Montello on Buffloo Lake. We had a nice lunch together.  Shared the story that a big sturgeon was swimming up the fish ladder back in to the lake after they completed the new damn and all so they have some big fish coming. 

Yesterday morning, My oldest Daughter and I took part in the annual Crane count here in DuPage County...I know I was so excited about doing this and that she came with me but...sad part is we didn't spot or hear any Cranes.  Not to say they weren't there nesting. Because the Ecologist shared with us that in a week they could have sightings...and this happens often. So we are the list for next year and maybe able to do the Waterfall Glens one being that we live closer.  I'm just tickled that it was on a whim to do it and we did.   Taking part in the future...and here is a picture as we were walking comment was look the sky line loaded with the presence of man.... 

And yesterday with the help of the Husband...dear sweet man that he, help me cut the wood and nail it together and then place the four pieces into the frame and nail it together, I've got some finish touches and then I can be fill in the nail gun holes...little black crayon will take care of that and then I can start on the third one....what I'm not sure it will be...I really just wanted to do these but had not great image idea that came.  The deer is my Native American sigh for June so that's why this has a deer.

Touching base on all that has happened in the last week is amazing....When you go and set the dates some months back and then they approach and you complete them what a sense of accomplishment. Which was the subject of our family talk this morning...small steps sticking with it and seeing it all through to the final moment of completion. 


  1. The deer and the gestural marks are a beautiful juxtaposition. And after learning the meaning of the deer, they make perfect sense to me...always moving forward, I am the center of the wheel. The circle that is full of nothing, and everything. Peace, Lady

  2. Hugs right back to ya~


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