Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steps to take- Growing as an artist

 Making a gestural line as an approach to starting a piece of art or introducing yourself to the white surface is one way to start.
 After I've drawn on the surface I trace the line on an Over head transparency sheet or you can use Dura-Lar this way you have the line and you won't lose it when you cover it with paper...

 Well my work here has the clear plastic over the it but I wasn't to happy with the curvy lines so I used a ruler and draw lines on the watercolor surface and then started putting the collage together with the papers.  Working on this piece mainly as one to explore and take risks...then I see what I like and work that into my work and then see what I don't and why I don't like it and then that still will come back in the work some how later as something I worked through...I know it might not make sense... but this is my way to grow as an artist...to keep teaching myself by doing.

The final piece though not sure what it is I'm happy with the results.  So I call it Testing 1, 2, 3 

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