Saturday, March 07, 2015

Let it unfold my stone this morning said...

Feeling empty... dry, I write and make papers...and play around with a piece I'm not sure about but I know I had my apron and was in the studio for 6 hours...yesterday.

 Baby blue kraft paper from something sent to the house....I seem to collect this kind of paper and rightly so for applying gesso on and making paper for possible rocks later.

I started with black on the blue first...why?  just wanted some deep color underneath and then red lines...Why? don't know just did.

With a plastic bowl spreader I used my whole arm and body you might as well say and spread the gesso over the surface and twisting the plastic bendable spread in ways to subtract the paint from the surface. Revealing the black underneath. 
I had crinkled the baby blue paper before and you can see some of the crinkle lines soaking in the gesso and paint. 

 My surface Kraft paper that was under all of the other papers I was creating become a place of self express.  Taking large graphic crayons to draw big circles and strong lines. Spreading different some butter yellow acrylic too.

Not suppose to be a masterpiece...more of reactive piece.  One where I didn't give a crap about and just used the tools to the surface. What ever came...let it be...I know well enough you got to put in some long hours and make some bad works before what ever you are working through has a break through...or Aha moment.. 

12 x 36 wood panel was ready for whatever and this is what came too the surface...A Red Roof piece. I  have more on my website.   (scroll down a bit and you'll see them on the Roof paper) 

There is more to do with this had started to be many things but ended up a Red Roof piece.  I kept steering myself to play and let go of what will happen and see what comes to the surface. It's forward movement and not sure where but forward as I work though my winter depths.  

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