Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Wonder sometimes...and Wander too.

So in the Artists Way class on Monday...

I bring in small doable projects that we can relate to the book and do. So this is the Task work about creating an environment, a room,season and place etc.  The color red was strong and the image of the Fall as always spoke strongest to me, though I enjoy all the seasons Fall the favorite. Well I'm in belief that nothing happens by with these words that seemed to have found there place on my collage I ask what are you trying to tell me or get me see or learn about...And no I'm not in one of my crazy making moods...

Transcendent sounds like something to go with the new series of Movies out...doesn't it. I've feeling going down inward gentle and the feeling of hitting that special place. You know the one of all knowing...yikes I'm starting to scary myself. 

So here's what it mean by the Dictionary...going beyond the limits of ordinary experience, far better or greater than what is usual.  

What does Design got going for it?   of course the Elements of Design...I seem to eat, sleep it as a guide for many things in my life...not that it's something that is set but something that works in many different ways.  Design gives me life and and in art. 

So the final words are " bringing out the Beauty"   I'm thinking of the wabi sabi ways...the imperfect/perfect 

Well off to tend to Writing, Yoga and I would like to Dare myself to the Zoo today...and the studio...seems to be hard place to get to...not guilty feelings just excepting I'm working toward its now...lots going and all good and very Grateful. 

I will hang my collage next to a few others like this from my inspiration this year. 

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