Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Beyond, far better or greater.....

two cows and a calf to left. 

Out of the blue....sometimes things come and I've learned now to question so much but to ask how can I do that or be part of that...that I mean is an idea or thought. Hopeless always seeking the Connection in all things.  The husband asked where I wanted to go for our Anniversary this year.  And I couldn't answer him...I know sad...with my creative work I'm all soaked into that and tending to the homestead and things that I'm just happy for each day I get to do be and do that. 

The bison cow grabbing the grass over the fence as the rest is all grazed off.. 

 Then two days ago I said I would love to see the Buffalo on the prairie some where. Yellowstone or something...Lets drive to Mt. Rushmore and see the sights....Not about staying to long but just seeing with our own eyes together.

 What ever it is, I'm touched like when I see the Sand Hill Cranes fly over in flocks calling unisions and circling to rest and grab the next thermal on where but the presence of these things I see hit me in my spiritual spot.  The Make me want to be a better person.

 The Calf, Trying to find some grass to chew too. I felt very blessed to be standing here at the fence of the wonderful creature.  I followed a nudge to come to the zoo and see them and I didn't hesitate one bit and got myself there.  As I stood there one bison cow saw me and came toward the fence from across the way.  Then the Cow with the Calf that time children were coming behind me to have day about 45 degree's...I hear a zoo grounds keeper say that they hadn't see the buffalo up and moving around at this time of day.  I secretly took that as a sign of their giving energy and thanked them silently.  I'm really glad I listened to my intuition and came out to see them.

Prayer and Abundance 
So this morning I also had to activate this urge to quickly make a piece or sketch a piece of collage to express a moment...I had wanted to do that when I came home but instead used the energy to prepare for a grouping of work that will be heading to The Flying Pig in Algoma WI next month.

I would have to say I did express this yesterday....Transcendent, going beyond the limits of ordinary experience, far better or greater than what is usual.  

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  1. sounds like you had a lovely anniversary.
    and your finished collage expresses that well.


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