Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fly Away Home

that was my rock this morning...and I'm going to take it as a sign to act on and go to the family video store and see if they have a copy of that movie...we had it in VHS but we no longer have a VHS player in the house...


I'm touched by this came out before my oldest daughter graduated High School and went to local college...where she had the experience learn about the Operation Migration   I was so happy for her that she got to go.

So where is this all going...finding my way back to reality of living...

Ideas are flooding my mind and things I want to create and it's not from looking at Facebook, Pintrest etc...where ideas of what others are making flash in front of and we Oh and aha about. Like the piece that I created with the red roof...I'm wanting to cut a hole in the bottom have and make a shadow box and put some assemblage in there. My gosh I've got a closet of it, need to start using it.

It's about getting back in touch with myself and what makes me tick, tickle and giggle with joy.  Of course Nature has always been my foundation and will always be till never more...silly but truly I mean it.  It's not that I want to create art work with birds in it..though that might happen now and then it's about the connections that are made and being able to express it any way I feel like.

I have to share my artist date was a nap yesterday....I've journey out to do things but as I got there I wasn't excited so came home and decided to take a nap...and I've not done that since I was was so refreshing and what a gift...rambling but

off to put the feet trail and make a good morning connections.

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