Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A rush of news....

It's getting close I can feel it and I'm sure all creature can too, so excited as spring time cycles I know that every year for the past 33 years I've been tending you my yard and the clean up winters cycle. Starting with the Dog piles which I've been tending to through out winter but yesterday I got my big knee high black rubber boots on and mucked around in the back yard...Dogs have know Idea they just get excited that I'm out there.   The next that follows this is the migrations of the birds, an amazing natural orderly directions.  Well this year my curiosity got the best of me and I went as far as getting the movie Fly Away Home, watched and was again touched deeply...even now I get emotional about the it all. And then I was guided by my oldest daughter to seek the other websites...I did and found out that my daughter and I can be part of a Crane Count...One day early in the morning we go to a place in DuPage Co. and observe and record and then send in our information what ever that is.  I'm blown away...I'm so excited that again hints of intuitions guide one...I still don't know why but I'm not going to question.   A funny thing is I feel I have to protect this mini adventure for myself...

The husband dear man but one that has concerns about me...asked Your not going to go and do that are you?   " Yes, and why not?   He didn't have answer for me.    Then when he came home from work yesterday I was sitting at the kitchen table and pulled out my collage sketchbook and quickly sketched what I was seeing in my minds eye....I greeted him and he asked what I was drawing and I showed him...and out of the blue I said I'm thinking of doing some animals with my collaging...And he asked why?   I was also watching a video which I'll share here...Cranes: Symbols of Survival 

So funny how a loved one becomes protective over another....I know that my behavior from way back when I was a teen was very impulsive and I've had a few run ins...but that was so long ago...and the fear of a beloved growing away which is not true does make it's self present now and then as to say Hey...what about me.   I get it...but I also get a bit of adventure and a small moment of my time to help out something that I connect with so big.

So not onto another rush....I have been working on accepting that this year I'm passing on doing art fairs...Oh one might think no big just don't do them..right?  Well it's not been easy...the competitiveness in my which I have to admit and the personal expectations of doing art fairs like all others I know in my circle are doing...I best be doing it easily my gullabliness (is that a word?) can swoop me up and make me follow the pack....well see that's why the husband has concerns...But I did some work with is and let it go....with the possibility I would still do my Outdoor studio exhibit in September which would be 8 years of doing this...

And I jumped yesterday and took a risk and sent and email out and a phone call....As I've heard done...if your heading that way why don't you check it out...couldn't hurt.  Well the response to that was Overwhelming...seem the person with a gallery that I wanted to check out has been checking me out and when one door closes another as I make the transition from art fairs to galleries and finding a good fit for my work...I am in awe and full of gratitude that there is so much abundance out there.

Well much to do and so excited...tickled and giddy...I leave in two days for a workshop...and back to living the dream which of course has it's ups and down and much foot work to tend to. 

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  1. All so positive. Changes, but good changes. Following your instincts in a strong and positive way. Tending to yourself but making room for others. Working smarter. You're crankin'!


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