Sunday, February 22, 2015

What a day...

 So early in the morning the husband and I ask each other what's you got planned for the day?  We ramble off what we would like to do and then see how it fits in.  I had share I wanted to see a gallery that a student and friend of mine was having a solo exhibit in Waukegan Il. That's would be where I would be heading...and the husband was planning on Milwaukee WI.  to the Mama Tried show.   From the picture I took you can see where we headed together first.  I was in charge of taking pictures, it was fun.  We have different tastes when it comes to motorcycles and styles.

 this was one of my favorites... My dad would build motorcycles too, so when your around them most of you life you kind of fall for them later on or a guy that has an interest.

Next to the one at the top was this one with an imperfect beauty of road character.

  Here is something that the husband likes to ride and has built.

No matter where this man goes he ends up talking and sharing and meeting like minded people. I stood by and listened to them both share...what gift when to met and can connect and it see them both light up.

 Here's a baby that I really like...flat tire and torn seat.

 This man here I'm told by the Husband is Willy J Davison...the man is the owner of Harley Davidson now and saved it from AMF a while ago.

 This is another bike that Randy likes.

 This gentleman here is Thomas Fugle another to know guy in the motorcycle building world. I was able to snap a picture of him from far away...people were starting to fill the room. The building was Like the Zhou Bro Art Center...kind of cool. Only two floor though for the motorcycle show.

 This is Tom's Bike and he build it all by hand as of forming the frame and tank and other part of the motor. A living legend.

I had to share this bike.  the exhaust system was amazing...all the wields. Both the men do prefabbing work in the Garage...the studio of creative men folk. 

 Noreen Cashman I've known for some time now and she is having her solo exhibit of her work at the Dandelion Gallery in Waukegan IL  So the plan was to swing back down closer to the Lake Michagan and see her exhibit....the reception was at 5pm...well I figured to stop in and see the exhibit but by the time we got there it wasn't hope yet...I guess it opened at 5pm only that day.
Silly should have checked before hand. Though I did get to pick in.

Noreen has a wonderful collection of work here on exhibit I can see she's worked hard at preparing for this show. 

After stopping at the gallery we then decided to hit Red Lobster....well that was such a great idea...hadn't been there for a long time. 

When I got home this day I wanted to get creative all that was around me was inspiration.  I've been gathering material for a while and found out my daughter has a box of rabbit fur I was ready to really
get going on this talking stick. Hoping to work on this today and get it done for class tomorrow. 

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