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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Peace, Grace and inner Balance.

The Unknown leaves one feeling vulnerable and this is not a Ideal spot or place to put oneself in this world but I hear more and more these days...I don't know...I really don't know.  I hear it from my oldest daughter about her job...I hear it from my husband about his job.  Might it be a point in our lives where we have thought we knew and then we cross over to the side in us where we really accept the attitude of not knowing and sit with it and be OK with it?

What happens when we accept our lot as of accept that we can kind of plan things out but we really...really don't know.  Becoming open and keeping the mind accepting is not the easiest thing to do.

I'm rambling...but not circling just centering myself this morning. I will be going in for a small out patient surgery today. My ring finger at the palm joint on up needs to be looked at, I've got Trigger Didget...some have lived with this but I need my strength in my hand to carry and lift things. So I decided to have this procedure done. Now that I decided to do this the finger has allowed me moments of bending a few times to only lock in place with pain...where by I have to pull it out of place and that hurts too. I can't hold things in my left have of any weight and expect my hand to work right...I can type though.

From my bowl of rocks this morning I picked, "do the hard stuff first" and out of my puzzle pieces of slogans I picked Keep an Open Mind.  All good stuff to remember as I take this journey to the unknown of hand surgery.  Drama, I know makes it sound like a cliff hanger right?  Well I leave it with looking at this stack of rocks. Though things are a bit off...and propped up here and there, it's pretty much standing out there on it's own and vulnerable and still OK.

I leave with Peace, Grace and Inner Balance...with the act of breathing in and out slowly.

Going To relax and ice it


  1. Hope your surgery goes well and you are good as new soon!!!

    1. It went well and on the mend...thanks

  2. I hope your hand heals quickly.... keep your balance and breathe and use this time to refresh...

    1. Thank you Donna, your an inspiration of healing, balance and peace.

  3. ouch! Sorry about that Laura, but I'm sure the result will be just what the doctor ordered!

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