Saturday, January 31, 2015

Icon for you true North-Life Purpose

The one stead fast image I have held on to for a very long time in my denim jeans and white shirt comfortable as cotton can be,  jumping in the old pick-up truck with our dogs. Their on the seat next to me and as we bounce our way dodging some potholes along the old dirt and grave road.  Stop at the studio I let them out and watch them run around the back to do their exploring.  I unlock the door of the studio and walk in.  Take off my jacket, hang it up in exchange for my apron.  Get the fire started in the little potbelly stove, prepare some hot water for tea.  Then I pull off the tarp and look at my big collage piece that will be going to a gallery soon. 

This little image has more to it and I've written about it many...many times but it's my true north. My Good Orderly Direction. Every time I pull this image up in my mind I am brought to a place of thinking and knowing. Simple and practiced well, a centering. 

I read an article in the Professional Artist Magazine yesterday because I tried to work but I'm reminded how I need both my hands and things just weren't working as I would have liked. Accepting this situation it has given me time to catch up on my reading.  Eric Maisel PH.D. shares about this and some of the interviewee's have created an Icon...A simple one image to speak for what their Life-Purpose stands for. 

Here is some questions he has you think about, 
What will you life purpose be? (mine to continue being a collage artist in to my second half of life.)

What give your life meaning? (the daily routines, family, nature, and sharing with a loved one, making an effort to stay connected in a bigger way spiritually and if called to share and help others so be with what little talents I have.)

Are some of you life purposes about doing or being? (Doing art making art...Being calm and thoughtful person.) Yes both. 

Think about what sort of icon might capture the essence of your life purposes. Look into your mind's eye, in nature, on the internet, in books or in whatever way comes up for you. He says,"you're looking for a powerful visual representation of you life purposes, one that works as deeply and as simply as a cross or a flag." 

The next step he suggests  is to create something...paint a picture, copy it, reduce it in size and carry it in you wallet or have a piece of jewelry made.

Some might say I've not got time for this...and I would be one of them but the image I wrote about is so very strong that it has me wonder....might I try some day. 

My Icon for my life purpose, I'm sure it can be more natural things in nature because I'm also so attracted to stuff like that. But this is it....

 I would like to work in photo shop and cut out the sign post...or

Just have this image...all brings me back to my life statement about. 

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