Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Air head -vs- clear head

I had a wonderful nights sleep...for the last few nights they've been disrupted by the cold, dryness etc.  So when I woke up this a burst came the color Brick Red....and ask for help with the taxes...actually pay someone to do you taxes.

So when you wake up in the morning and you blindside with messages like that what are you to do...?
As you've seen before the design is in the works and well not all colors are as close to the design but when I went to the Home Depot the first time I decide to work with the color there...and well these are the colors and I'm thinking because of the limitation I was given when picking out the colors actually started the whole design make up.  This project is one of intuitiveness...I'm really trusting in the gut and listening...I have no idea how it will

 The color brick red is kind of in the design but I had picked out the scrap jar and the color isn't what was inside...and I picked up a mauve color and it really isn't what is being called after I finished painting the 8" deep turquoises color I was left with the the next square to be painted...and that's the deeper warm color.  So when I woke up to brick red as a color I thought that's perfect...we have all these old Downers Grove brick pavers from the streets of Downers Grove before they would pave with asphalt. Pulling that color in will be great!  I need to mix it now and enough to do the 6" square that is next in-line.

                                      Picked up a few more colors yesterday just in case...

So after doing some morning journaling the ideas to ask the tax woman I know to do my taxes was a god sent...what wait off my shoulder...letting go of some job I do...but I do have to see if she wants to do them..waiting for a reply...Clearer thinking is on it's way... no more air head.

Well got things to do and place to go...say warm everyone is your in the northern area's.

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