Saturday, January 03, 2015

A bed day is required

Alright where's the Max truck that just hit me?  The sore raw throat has passed but now the head cold is upon me...I'm not use to being sick and once a year I seem to get my antibody in a tether... but I have to say with lot of family members around this holiday...the ones living the house I am so sick nothing bothers me. So that's the good thing...I'm quiet...stuffed up and shuffling around with three, four legged friends following...They sure don't like it when I'm sick...things are not right.

Bed day...because I have class on Monday and need to have my wits about me...


  1. Great opportunity to tend to yourself. And I'm sure SOMEONE in your house *coughRandycough* will make you a cup of tea!

  2. So funny, he was at my side all cute.


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