Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Working a composition...

                         Yes that's a viewfinder and a page from a magazine article cropped off

Made a copy so I can mark it up and break it down simply with line and shapes...then I build it back up with interest. In this case with it being in a collage sketch book it's just using the magazines sandpaper, glue stick and scissors when it calls for it.

Starting one way and then taking the composition I created and turning it up side down.

Know I have words in this piece and they read better when you are not look upside down but I like the composition both ways.

Creating one in gray scales...and turning is sideways...A whole different perspective, mood and feeling about it.

I'm tickled to think it started with a cropped sections of a magazine...

Now moved into adding more color and less is more..working color instead of just value.

Here I had the cropped viewfinder piece only looking at it in little increments allowing myself that space and moments for risk taking and expanding areas of the original compositions.

One of the things that was and still is hard for any artist is to practice. The need to rush...or get through it quickly to the end  seems to be in all of us.  Some more strongly then others. (new name for myself, Miss Quick Draw McGraw)  I think expectations of what we think we can do to what we want to do and what our experiences feeds us is the "get-er done" mentality. Write me if I'm wrong...but we want to create and be the masterpiece right away...we forget the time of process and working through and working on a concept.  Pulling major problem solving skills to the Front line.

Above is a series of collage sketches that will be part of week 3's assignments in my next on line class, "Viewing New Compositions"  Details are taking some time to work out...lots of writing and editing the pdf's and making of video's to help guide everyone through...All parts that seem to get me to stumble a whole heck of a lot. Growth steps on a the positive side.

Not quitting on the concepts...I believe in it to much to stop at this point. Though I have to admit I have doubt and was about to make a big U-turn but luckly a good nights sleep and some faith has me here today  noodling out the wonkey parts. Much to do.

A good days work and now time to work on dinner. 

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