Sunday, December 28, 2014

Washing and tracing

 I have a projector that I purchased a while back and use it for classes and workshop sometimes. Well it dawned on me I could and did project the images from my computer up on my mat cutter...I was going to do it with the screen I have but it wouldn't be as sturdy as the mat cutter already bolted to the wall.

 To the Left is the door of the tipi hanging over my easel.  I'm planning on painting this crow on.  I forgot to wash the door yesterday so that had to be done today and it's drying in the background...I am just so in awe of the crow's wing fingers...they are my favorite parts...when I see a crow in the air flying and I love to see them.

I will be painting Cattails on the bottom with a some other stuff but I don't want to clutter it up...the cattails will be looking as though the wind is blowing them on one direction till the middle of the back and then it will be opposite on the other side and met...I'm thinking of a coyote we have many in our area that run through the cat tail basin.  There will be some Sand Hill Cranes painted on too.

I have to admit this process has been fun I've not blown anything up as of image wise like this before so I feel like a kid and very excited.  I have hopes this week to have it painted...then I'll have to store it somewhere to wild...plans are to bring into the living room to paint. Tuesday I think..I'll be crowding in on the family but it won't be forever. 

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