Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Fall season always beings it on...

Where does insight comes from...first for me it's a gut feeling, intuition that continually wells up. In some Cases it's "Laura will you take a really good look at this, that all of the above...

Getting wordy...and Fall always brings it on...the introspective look at questions and with my horoscope this morning it really has be looking in and going deep. 

Gemini's Dec. 3rd 2014

A need to consider your existence in terms of what you have accomplished can strike suddenly today. You may be driven by a pressing curiosity that compels you to determine what you mean to your loved ones, how you have affected the planet, and the magnitude of your career achievements. Your introspective feelings can provide you with a springboard that takes you into the world of self-discovery. To find significance in your life, you will likely need to determine whether your life is an embodiment of your passions and your purpose. In your reflections, ask yourself how your goals have changed over time and how they have mirrored your inner transformations. You may discover today that the meaning you’re searching for has been a part of your life all along. 

Finding purpose and then finding significance in that purpose is only possible when we are willing to examine the twisted pathways our life’s journey has taken. Many people shy away from contemplative reflection because they fear they will discover their endeavors have been in vain or, worse yet, inconsequential. Yet it is in the very act of soul-searching that we are empowered to glean the true impact our lives have had on the individuals around us and the world at large. Purpose takes its roots in our passions, and we cannot know the scope of our zeal for a discipline or subject until we have thoroughly analyzed our thoughts and feelings, reactions, and personal histories. As you look within today, the traits that make you unique and special will be revealed to you. 

End of the year looking and reflecting...

1. What have I accomplished?

2. How have I effect the people I love, my home, my neighbor, my environment and the magnitude of my career achievements?   without dragging the "Ego" in. 

3. Am I ready for some new self-discovery? 

4. Have I been connecting in all the good ways to my passions and purposes? 

5. Have my goals changed? and are my goals matching my inner truth? 

6. Am I willing to do some soul searching? "Fear not" more wondrous things will be revealed. 

7. What are my traits that make me unique and special?  

I will take these questions and do some morning journal writing and prepare myself for the new year.

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