Monday, December 01, 2014


The more some one shoves something my face the more I will buck...and big time too. So I'm on the internet but not hitting the buy buttons.   Rebelling I think it's called... I've got some other stuff to do like work and want to get past some fears about it and move on...and not be caught up in the whole Whoop-la of this buying marketing frenzy... what's so silly is tomorrow I'll be launching out my pitch and well a day late I guess..but I just don't want to be a part of

So let me move on to something that I did this morning after morning quickly I can make this a nice habit..I read some verb-age about being ready to learn about learning...and what better way then to keep practicing, showing up for the day, to the page and being present for the moments.

This morning grab bag scraps have brought me to this nice little ditty...I've come to realize that I love the vertical because I'm always seeking...seeking to learn more about the things and gaining understanding and compassion...

Well off to do some writing for other things and to work on my tack down Tuesday piece for tomorrow.

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  1. Great philosophy...and lovely vertical piece. The line work really makes it.


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